Sant'Antioco Island

In a unique and charming place


The Island of Sant’Antioco, in the south west coast of Sardinia, with its 108,9 km² is the fourth Italian Island in the Mediterranean Sea. The other Island belonging to the “ Sulcitano” archipelago is San Pietro,the sixth italian Island precedeed by the sicilian Pantelleria. Unlike its “Twin”, reachable just by sea, Sant’Antioco is linked to the main Sardinia by a bridge and a strip of land that make easier the connection with the other cities of the Sulcis and with Cagliari, 90 km far, where there are the port and the airport.

In the south-west coast of Sardinia there is a timeless Island called Sant’Antioco where Wind smells good, Sea is the same color as Sky and Peace and Nature are sovereign.


Lively bathing city, Sant’Antioco is unique for its pure and clear sea and for its virgin and rich Mediterranean inland. The est coast is mainly a sandy area and there are two very appreciated beaches: Maladroxia (nice inlet where you can find a lot of holiday homes) and Co‘e Cuaddus (wilder and longer). For the lovers of tranquility, there is the pebbly and hidden bay of “Su Portixeddu” ( on the est side) or the little gulfs near the promotories of Turri ( south coast). The south part of Sant’Antioco, from Turri to Capo Sperone, is characterized by pebbly inlets and cliffs. Peonia Rosa, a beautiful place where there is a pinewwod from which you can engioy the sea and the wonderful landscape offered by the two small islands of “ La Vacca” and “ Il Vitello” ( the cow and the calf). The west coast is mainly rochy and charcterized by bathing cliffs: “ Is Praneddas” ( and its famous “Arco dei Baci”), Cala Sapone (where there is a beach too), Cala Della Signora ( with its white and grey rocks) or Cala Tuffi. Along the north coast there is Cala Lunga, as the name suggests, a long sandy inlet. Going over, wild and irregular cliffs lead to Calasetta where white and clear beaches as “Spiaggia Grande”, “Le Saline” or “Sotto Torre” (reachable on foot from the city of Calasetta) follow one another..